Susannah Lester

Detail : Saint Melangell - patron saint of hares

Susannah Royle Lester

When there are two prevailing interests in ones life, it makes sense to try and combine them. Susannah has always had a love of the natural world, and having trained and practiced as a veterinary nurse for several years, decided to diversify back into her other main interest, since childhood, the world of art and the creative process.

She studied classical drawing and painting in an atelier in Florence for over two years. She then concentrated primarily on still-life painting, and portrait commissions.

Over time, however, she became more interested in portraying the wild creatures of the British isles, sometimes from poems and fairy tales, and especially those who have become marginalised by us, whose intricacies or vulnerabilities are too often overlooked.

More recently, she has been working on land and waterscapes. Pared down to simplified form and imbued with light. Developing, in mixed media, a more intuitive relationship with nature and the raw power that lies within.